Low Profile Hopper

Low Profile Hopper - Parts Hopper - BHOP-LP series

Beacon® BHOP-LP Series

The Low Profile Hopper - Parts Hopper feature a low profile, allowing them to be placed underneath machinery to be used as catch basins for parts. The BHOP-LP series is dumped with the assistance of a fork truck. The unit features fork pockets for 90-degree dumping. These low-profile units help reduce hazards and inconveniences associated with collected parts off the floor. The BSLPT series features a removable handle that may be used at either end and also has a tapered side for quick loading and unloading of waste, chips, and scraps in work areas.
Starting at: $848.07

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Product Details

  • Construction: Constructed of heavy duty steel. The BHOP-LP series features 10 gauge steel construction, and the BSLPT features 14 gauge steel construction.
  • Size: Each unit features a removable push handle, either 34" or 37" high. The height of the BSLPT without handle is 22". The BHOP-LP is 18" high without the handle.
  • Overall Fork Width: The fork pocket width is 7" and height is 2" on the BHOP-LP series. The BHOP-LP-N features a fork pocket center a 7-3/4" while the BHOP-LP has a fork pocket center of 21-5/8"
  • Color: Units are powder-coated Beacon blue.
  • Weight: Models weigh between 100 and 384 lbs.
  • Note: All standard and special hoppers are stitch welded. Special continuous welds for liquid tight available at additional charge.
  • Operation: The BHOP-LP series will return to the locked position when the material is dumped and when it is lowered to the ground.
  • Capacity: This series has a capacity of 1, 000 or 2,000 lbs. and a volume capacity of 1/4, 1/2 or 1/3 cubic yards.
  • Standard: The Low Profile Hopper model BHOP-LP comes standard with 34" removable handle and 2 rigid and 2 swivel 4" x 2" phenolic casters. BSLPT comes with a 37" removable push handle and 2 rigid and 2 swivel 5" x 2" poly-on-steel casters.
  • Surcharge: Tariffs or surcharges may apply to current published pricing.

Low Profile Hopper - BHOP-LP Series
Model No. Volume (Cubic yards) Capacity (LBS) Overall Size (W x D x H) Usable Size (W x D x H) Price
1) BHOP-LP-N 1 / 3 2,000 29-15/16"x57-3/16"x33-1/16" 29½"x49½"x13½" $861.46
2) BHOP-LP 1 / 2 2,000 48-9/16"x57-3/16"x34" 48"x49"x12" $1,036.73
3) BSLPT-24 1 / 4 1,000 26¼"x42"x37" 24½"x36"x15¼" $848.07
4) BSLPT-33 1 / 3 1,000 30¼"x54"x37" 28¼"x48"x15¼" $950.99

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