Storage Containers

Beacon® Storage Tote and Containers are available in a variety of styles to fit all of your storage needs. Units are designed to contain and secure items such as tools, bulk materials, granular material, fuel tanks, and more. Unique designs allow for the efficient storage and transport of items that are normally difficult to contain.

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Beacon World Class Collapsible Storage Containers - BCBC series


Collapsible Storage Containers

This BCBC has a unique folding design which allows units to be folded flat like a pallet when not needed. The unit can be stacked three high and is resistant to both extremely cold and extremely hot temperatures.
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starting at $564
Beacon World Class Wire Mesh Containers - BVWIRE series


Wire Mesh Containers

The BVWIRE features galvanized welded wire construction. The unit can be stacked up to 4 high and has a dropping front gate for quick loading and unloading of materials.
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starting at $371

Beacon World Class Plastic Crates - B4840-34 series


Plastic Crates

The B-34 allows access to stored items and is used for shipping and storing merchandise securely. These units are able to stack up to 6 high.
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starting at $233
Beacon World Class Dumping Bulk Container - BMHBC series


Dumping Bulk Container

This BMHBC is customizable in terms of colors, logos, casters, and sizes. The unit has a 700 or 800-lb. capacity and is ideal for transporting and dumping pourable, granular, solid, and non-regulated materials.
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starting at $583

Beacon World Class Liquid Storage Container - BIBC series


Liquid Storage Container

The BIBC features an FDA-compliant hot-dipped galvanized steel cage and is useful to multi-trip applications and for storing hazardous or non-hazardous materials.
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starting at $581
Beacon World Class Multi Height Container - BMULTI-C series


Multi Height Container

The flexible BMULTI-C allows users to add or remove height as loading or unloading occurs. The unit features sturdy polyethylene construction and steel corner hinges.
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at $412

Beacon World Class Fuel Tank Containment - BOTC series


Fuel Tank Containment

The BOTC is designed to store 275 or 550 gallon oval tanks and helps avoid costly spills when handling and storing fuel, oil, or hazardous chemicals.
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starting at $641
Beacon World Class Aluminum Storage Container - BALC series


Aluminum Storage Container

The BALC features all aluminum construction and two easy carrying handles. The unit is available in a variety of sizes and different-sized boxes are stackable.
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starting at $81

Beacon World Class Mobile Tool Boxes - BAPTS series


Mobile Tool Boxes

The BAPTS features a safety latch for use with padlock to ensure secure storage of valuable items. The unit features diamond treadplate construction and sturdy carrying handles and has optional fork pockets or casters.
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starting at $517
Beacon World Class Portable Utility Box - BUBX series


Portable Utility Box

The BUBX is forklift accessible and available with rubber wheels for additional portability. The unit is ideal for storing and transporting spill kits, tools, and more.
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starting at $533

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