Security Cage

Beacon® Security Cage assists in loss prevention in the workplace. These Wire Security Room units can limit access to important or expensive items. Hinged or sliding doors are available. The wire mesh construction provides visibility while still securing items. Construction is either woven wire (industry standard) or wire mesh (easy to modify in the field).

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Beacon World Class Security Partitions - BQWK series


Security Partitions

This BQWK is a complete room which includes 8-gauge galvanized wire doors and panels that stack together horizontally. Pre-engineered models are excellent for limiting access to or securing items while retaining visibility.
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starting at $1,188
Beacon World Class Equipment Cage - B series


Equipment Cage

This B series features panels that are 8-gauge steel welded wire and are available as double or single and are either slide or swing.
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starting at $54

Beacon World Class Warehouse Partitions - BG series


Warehouse Partitions

The BG101010-2 is a complete room kit with panels, doors, and posts and with or without a roof. Models are available in 2- to 4-sided pre-engineered kits.
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at $2,036
Beacon World Class Wire Mesh Door - BHP series


Wire Mesh Door

The B107 components are doors, panels, and posts which can be combined for a custom security room. These units feature swing or slide doors, standard or extra-high panels, ceilings, and panels.
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at $108

Beacon World Class Machine Guard Fencing - BSAF series


Machine Guard Fencing

The BSAF components are available as slide or swing doors, panels, posts, and other options. Models are designed to form barriers around machinery to increase workplace safety.
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Beacon World Class Wire Partitions - BSAF series


Wire Partitions

These BSAF-1082 components are designed to form complete wire mesh rooms and are available in a variety of standard and custom sizes.
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Beacon World Class Wire Mesh Partition - BAPG series


Wire Mesh Partition

The BAPG is designed to set up perimeters around machinery, equipment, or off-limit areas and are sold as panels, posts, and doors in order to suit individual applications.
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starting at $96

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