Vertical Storage Cart

Beacon® BTSCT Series

The Vertical Storage Cart is ideal for stocking parts in workstations and for organizing and reaching parts. The tilting shelves allow easy access to baskets, and the casters allow parts to be moved to wherever they are needed. This unit will tilt between 0 and 45 degrees, and the shelf angle is locked with a hand-operated friction lock screw. The middle and top shelves include a 1-1/2" H lip on all four sides and the bottom shelf has a 2" lip on all sides.. This series rolls smoothly on two rigid and two swivel 4" x 2" casters.
Starting at: $302.34

Product Details

  • Construction: This series features steel construction and powder coat finish. The bins feature sturdy plastic construction.
  • Size: This unit has a shelf size of 16" wide x 24-1/4" long. The bottom shelf height is 5-1/2", the middle is 33" and the top is 56-1/4". The overall size (not including baskets) is 18-1/4" wide x 27-1/2" long x 60" high or 35" for 2-shelf units.
  • Color: Models are powder-coated Beacon Blue. The bins are Beacon Grey.
  • Weight: Units weigh between 108 and 150 lbs. The bins weigh between 4 and 10 lbs.
  • Capacity: This is the ideal welding cart and is available in capacities of 200 or 300 lbs.
  • Standard: Casters are mold-on-rubber.
  • Options: Additional bins are available for the Vertical Storage Cart.
  • Surcharge: Tariffs or surcharges may apply to current published pricing.



Vertical Storage Cart - BTSCT Series
Model# Shelf Size (W x L) Total Capacity (LBS) Castor Sizes Price
1) BTSCT-2 16"x24" 200 4"x2" $302.34
2) BTSCT-3 16"x24" 300 4"x2" $378.70
Vertical Storage Cart with Baskets - BTSCT Series
Model# Shelf Size (W x L) Total Capacity (LBS) Castor Sizes 1st Basket Size 2nd Basket Size 3rd Basket Size Price
3) BTSCT-2B 16"x24" 200 4"x2" (1) 15½"Wx23½"Lx16½"H (1) 15½"Wx23½"Lx12½"H None $445.44
4) BTSCT-3B 16"x24" 300 4"x2" (1) 15½"Wx23½"Lx16½"H; (1) 15½"Wx23½"Lx12½"H; (2) 11½"Wx15½"L (1) 15½"Wx23½"Lx12½"H (2) 11½"Wx15½"Lx8½"H $642.12
Model# Description Size (W x L x H) Price
5) BTSCT-LGB Additional Large Plastic Bin, Grey 15½"x23½"x16½" $64.68
6) BTSCT-MDB Additional Medium Plastic Bin, Grey 15½"x23½"x12½" $57.35
7) BTSCT-SMB Additional Small Plastic Bin, Grey 11½"x15½"x8½" $49.11

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