Roller Stand

Beacon® Roller Stand is utilized in machine shops and manufacturing plants to assist workers in handling long, unwieldy materials. This equipment is available with smooth roller surface or with a v-groove for controlling a round surface. Both the deluxe and high profile models are height adjustable via a friction lock screw which extends the height from 23” to 38-1/2” or from 27” to 42” and have a capacity of 1,760 lbs.

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Beacon World Class Vertical Roller Stand - BSTAND series


Vertical Roller Stand

These BSTAND products are designed for use as an extra hand when working with long materials and are available in either V-groove or flat single roller designed models. Models are available with a service range up to 42".
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starting at $110
Beacon World Class Adjustable Roller Stand - BSTAND series


Adjustable Roller Stand

This BSTAND-G has a maximum capacity of 1,760 lbs and features a service range from 26" to 43". This gas cylinder adjustable unit is great for use in machine shops when handling long materials.
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starting at $245

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