Drum Pallet

Drum Pallet - B630ADRUM series

Beacon® B630ADRUM Series

The Drum Pallet is designed for storage and transport of drums. They have a stabilizing optional disc system for bottom of the drum during storage. Each unit is designed with a low profile and is safe and easy to handle.
Starting at: $76.74

Product Details

  • Construction: This series meets the high production standard for ISO 9001:2000. Units are tested regularly in accordance with relevant elements of the standard ISO 8611.
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: This series is 50% lighter than wooden pallets, making them easier to handle and resulting in lower shipping costs.
  • Note: Special pricing 53' full truck load capacity: 504 Pallets.
  • Operation: The B630ADRUM series is utilized for storage and transport of liquids in the chemistry, paste manufacturing, fruit juice concentrates, gelatin, oils, and agriculture industries.
  • Standard: This series is resistant to insects, bacteria, and fungi; impervious to acids, fats, and solvents; and neutral to odors and tastes. These units contain a supplement to protect against UV-radiation and do not absorb water.
  • Options: Stabilizing 16 piece Disc System kit. These Drum Pallet models are classified four (4) way entry: Environmentally friendly product of 100% completely recycled plastic ACM material. No sirex treatment required.
  • Surcharge: Tariffs or surcharges may apply to current published pricing.

Drum Pallet - B630ADRUM Series
Model# Material Size (W x L x H) Static Capacity Dynamic Capacity Racking Price
1) B630ADRUM ACM, Recycled Plastic 48"x48"x4.9" 8,800 lbs 1,700 -2,600 lbs Non Rackable $76.74
Model# Description Price
2) B630DRUM-INSERT Drum Pallet Insert Kit, (includes 16 discs for each pallet). $21.64

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