Beacon® Pallets offers a wide variety and often indispensable selection for shipping, receiving and storage. These models are the best for light weight, nestable, volume reducing, available as one way pallets and multi way pallets with high turnovers. A wide range of load capacities allow for every application in bulk packaging and shipping.

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Beacon World Class Export Pallets - B110ACM series


Export Pallet

Our B100 Series is for one way use. This is a light weight unit which is cost effective, maintenance-free, and environmentally friendly.
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starting at $25
Beacon World Class Industrial Pallet - B330ACM series


Industrial Pallet

Our B330 with the open deck are the most popular models. These units are medium duty and are made from recycled plastic.
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starting at $30

Beacon World Class Plastic Pallet - B736ACM series


Plastic Pallet

The B736 is a closed deck heavy duty unit capable of handling static capacities up to 14,100 lbs. The multi-trip metal rod reinforced model can support up to 30,000 lbs. of static weight.
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starting at $85
Beacon World Class Steel Pallet - BSPL series


Steel Pallet

The BSPL is rust resistant and heavy-duty and have either two- or four-way fork truck access. This series is ideal for shipping heavy loads in closed-loop applications.
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starting at $122

Beacon World Class Solid Deck Steel Pallet - BSDSP series


Sold Deck Steel Pallet

The BSDSP is a heavy-duty, non-reversible unit used to store and transport materials between facilities. This unit features a galvanized finish.
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at $177
Beacon World Class Wire Pallet - BWMP series


Wire Pallet

The BWMP is ideal for heavy-duty use. These models are designed for stacking and can be moved via either fork or pallet trucks.
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starting at $104

Beacon World Class Aluminum Pallet - BAP series


Aluminum Pallet

The BAP is ideal for the food and chemical industry. These units can be cleaned with power washers and are durable and re-usable for closed-loop applications.
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starting at $332
Beacon World Class Nestable Wood Pallet - BPWP series


Nestable Wood Pallet

Our BPWP are ideal for stacking. This type of pallet weighs 60% less than most other wooden pallets for ultimate portability.
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starting at $28

Beacon World Class Wood Pallet - BWP series


Wood Pallet

The BWP-4860S is completely customizable. The specifications needed for each individual application are provided by the customer.
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Beacon World Class Wash Down Pallet - BPLPS series


Wash Down Pallet

The BPLPS is accessible two-way by pallet truck and four-way by fork truck. This unit is perfect for industries where pallets must be kept hygienic.
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starting at $112

Beacon World Class Heavy Duty Pallet - BPLP2 series


Heavy Duty Pallet

The BPLP is made of virgin polyethylene for longer life. The models features four-way entry, a variety of colors, and are ideal for export, pharmaceutical, medical, and food applications.
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starting at $55
Beacon World Class Spill Containment Pallet - BVPDP series


Spill Containment Pallet

The BVLPDP is designed to catch spills. This series is made from chemical resistant polyethylene and have up to a 110-gallon sump capacity and a dynamic capacity of up to 3,200 lbs.
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starting at $214

Beacon World Class Drum Pallet - B630ADRUM series


Drum Pallet

The B630ADRUM is designed for storage and transport of drums. These units have a unique stabilizing disc system for bottom of the drum when storing drums.
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starting at $77
Beacon World Class Pallet Pullers - BPAL series


Pallet Pullers

The BPAL moves pallets to a trailer's rear portion to allow for forklift access. These units have self-cleaning heads that are unaffected by paint, particles, or grease and features heavy-duty steel construction.
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starting at $81

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