Barrel Hopper Dumper

Barrel Hopper Dumper - BT-HOP series

Beacon® BT-HOP Series

The efficient Barrel Hopper Dumper is designed for one fork truck operator to quickly and safely dump heavy drums, barrels, and trash cans. These units are sold in two parts: dumper and hopper. BT-HOP features a raise time of 10 seconds and a lowering time of 8 seconds.
Starting at: $4,134.56

Product Details

  • Size: BT-HOP is 37" wide x 103-1/2" long x 60" high. BD-200-LD hopper is 56-1/2" wide x 61" long x 52" high.
  • Dump Heights: Dumping height is 55".
  • Power: This unit is 24V DC power standard and features an on-board battery charger.
  • Color: BT-HOP is Beacon yellow and BD-200-LD is Beacon blue.
  • Weight: BT-HOP is 500 lbs. and BD-200-LD is 725 lbs.
  • Capacity: BT-HOP has a capacity of 400 lbs.; BD-200-LD has a 2,000-lb. capacity and a volume of 2-cubic yards.
  • Options: Custom configurations are available for the Barrel Hopper Dumper to accommodate most types of refuse containers. Contact Beacon for details.
  • Surcharge: Tariffs or surcharges may apply to current published pricing.



Barrel Hopper Dumper - BT-HOP Series
Model# Description Overall Size (W x L x H) Capacity (LBS) Raise Time Lower Time Dump Height Price
1) BT-HOP Dumper 37"x103½"x60" 400 10 8 55" $4,134.56

For an optional hopper to go with the BT-HOP series, see the Beacon Self Dumping Hopper with Bumper Release-BD series.

Call Beacon: 800 454-7159