Manual Dock Levelers

Beacon® Manual Dock Levelers are loading ramps that include a hinged lip design. Three different styles avaible, contractor grade, standard and heavy duty. All manual dock leveler units are activated with a pull chain while standing on the deck for easy operation. All are shipped ready to install in a pit.

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Beacon World Class Contractor Truck Dock System - BM1 series


Contractor Truck Dock System

Our BM1 is the contractor grade manual loading ramp with a 25,000 lbs. to 35,000 lbs. range capacity.
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starting at $3,199
Beacon World Class Mechanical Dock Leveler - BM3 series


Mechanical Dock Leveler

The popular BM3 is standard with lip assist. Models have capacities ranging from 25,000 to 60,000 lbs.
View 55 Models
starting at $3,597

Beacon World Class Manual Loading Leveler - BM5 series


Manual Loading Leveler

This premium BM5 has a full-range toe guards, lip assist and longest warranty. Capacity range from 25,000 to 60,000 lbs.
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starting at $5,378

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