Scissor Dock Lift Options, Ramps / Bridges

Beacon® Scissor Dock Lift

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OPTION - Scissor Dock Lift
Model No. Description Price
1) BWL-SSTB Split Steel Bridge. 72" Wx18" L. Additional bridge can be added to the opposite side. $650.36
2) BWL-SATB Split Aluminum Truck Bridge replacement 72" Wx18"L up to 6,000 lbs capacity. Ideal for government applications. $468.22
3) BWL-HB Hyd Operated End Gates steel split bridge 2' & 4' wide Roll Off Guard & Bridge. Actuated individually by using the 6 button (2 for each bridge & 2 for up/down of the lift) Hand pendant control. Scissor Lift bumpers are standard. $9,730.80
OPTION - Scissor Dock Lift Approach Ramp
Model No. Description Price
4) BWL-AR8 Approach Ramp for 8" lowered models. 60" Wx65" L. 7-Degree angle. $982.70
5) BWL-AR10 Approach Ramp for 10" lowered models. 60" Wx82" L. 7-Degree angle. $1,272.79
6) BWL-AR14 Approach Ramp for 14" lowered models. 60" Wx116" L. 7-Degree angle. $1,989.32

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