Industrial Drum Tools

Beacon® Industrial Drum Tools will work with and assist with drums and drum equipment for ergonomic handling. Accessories are engineered for drum or pail transport, storage or assisting in emptying drums or pails. This category also features dollies, adapters, carts or industrial stands, horizontal steel basins or containers, storage racks or cradles, covers, trash can swing tops, sockets and funnels.

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Beacon World Class Pail Pump - BRDP series


Pail Pump

Our BRDP is available in many styles, including lever, piston, rotary, and electric and can be used for a variety of applications, including dispensing oils, anti-freeze, petroleum, viscous liquids, corrosive chemicals, and general liquids.
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starting at $26
Beacon World Class Electric Drum Pumps - BEDP series


Barrel Pump

The BEDP features a 115V, single phase motor for quick fluid transfer and dispensing from drums. Units are available for use with a variety of liquids, including flammable, diesel, thin oils, acids or bases, and corrosive chemicals.
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starting at $607

Beacon World Class Drum Spout - BTAP series


Drum Spout

The BTAP allows for easy opening and closing of 2" drum bungs as well as emptying drum contents. This unit allows for the quick emptying of drums and can also be used to fill horizontal drums.
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at $124
Beacon World Class Drum Nozzle - BJDFT series


Barrel Faucet

The BJDFT is available with brass, aluminum, zinc, and stainless steel construction and is designed for the easy and efficient dispensing of drum contents.
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starting at $12

Beacon World Class Drum Socket - BBUNG series


Drum Socket

This BBUNG efficiently opens and closes 3/4" and 2" drum plugs and is constructed of heat-treated chrome vanadium steel and is used with a 1/2" ratchet drive.
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starting at $24
Beacon World Class Drum Funnel - BDF series


Drum Funnel

This BDF enables the quick filling of 55-gallon drums with a 2" plug and features steel construction and an included gasket for tight seal.
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at $227

Beacon World Class Drum Chock - BDRUM-WEDGE series


Drum Chock

Our BDRUM-WEDGE is excellent for use in efficient drum pumping and tilts drums slightly, allowing for fluids to flow to one side and eliminating the wasting of valuable chemicals.
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at $28
Beacon World Class Tilting Drum Chock - BVDRCH series


Tilting Drum Chock

This BVDRCH is designed for use in standard pallet racks or on drum pallets. The unit eliminates drum rolling and can tilt drums for more efficient drainage.
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starting at $72

Beacon World Class Drum Dolly - BTILT series


Drum Dolly

This BDRUM-DRH is designed to efficiently transport 55-gallon drums and features capacities of up to 1,200 lbs. Each model includes a foot-operated tilting feature.
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starting at $128
Beacon World Class Pail Dolly - BMPD series


Bucket Dolly

The BMPD is designed to easily transport 5-gallon buckets and features a 4' long pull strap and can be used with round or square plastic or steel 5-gallon containers and has a 150-lb. capacity.
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at $95

Beacon World Class Drum Deheader - BDD series


Drum Deheader

The BDD is available with manual, electric, or air-powered operation, can be used with 30 or 55-gallon drums, and allows for the quick and efficient deheading of drums and barrels.
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starting at $1,985
Beacon World Class Drum Cradle - BVCRD series


Drum Cradle

This BVCRD is designed to dispense drum contents into smaller containers and avoid messy clean-ups. The unit features a capacity of 800 lbs and rotates drums from the horizontal to the vertical position efficiently.
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at $261

Beacon World Class Drum Adapter - BFDA


Drum Adapter

Our BFDA is designed to hold and support fiber and plastic drums and comes complete with both an adjusting arm and a high-strength nylon strap.
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Beacon World Class Drum Dolly Container - BSCC series


Drum Dolly Container

Our BSCC is designed to contain spills and leaks from 55-gallon drums during plant transport and storage. This unit helps keep a cleaner environment and can be transported via a fork truck or an overpack drum dolly.
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