Air Lift Table

Air Lift Table - Pneumatic Lift Table - BABLT Series

Beacon® BABLT Series

The reliable Air Lift Table is a clean, maintenance free option for lifting products. These Pneumatic Lift Table units are designed to raise products to your required height using clean, filtered air for operation. This is a great ergonomic solution for any work environment that wishes to reduce worker fatigue and risk of injury. Units are also well suited for use in clean rooms where hydraulics are not an option.
Starting at: $3,933.53

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Product Details

  • Construction: Air Lift Table is a low-profile unit constructed of heavy-duty steel.
  • Size: Units have a platform width ranging from 35-1/5" to 48" and a length from 32" to 43-3/4".
  • Service Range: Lowered heights range from 7" to 9" and raised heights from 32" to 33".
  • Installation: Surface or pit mount will end up with different overall heights. The three vertical geometric properties to be aware of is the (1) Lowered height (2) Travel (3) Overall height. When mounting in a pit, your travel will end up as your overall height.
  • Color: Units have a Beacon blue finish. Custom finishes are available.
  • Weight: 270 to 590 lbs.
  • Operation: Units are operated by factory air and controlled by a push button hand control. BABLT series requires a minimum of 80 psi to operate minimum .5" airline. BABLT-H requires 80 to 100 psi at 15 CFM's. BABLT-H-LP needs 60 to 120 psi and minimum .5" airline.
  • Capacity: 1,000 lbs. to 4,000 lbs.
  • Standard: Models come standard with an adjustable upper travel time valve, lifetime-lubricated bearings, and a maintenance prop.
  • Options: Many options are available for the Air Lift Table, including custom finishes, foot controls, safety skirts, larger platforms, rotations, detent kits, fork pockets, and various lift options. Contact Beacon with your specific needs.
  • Warranty: Warranty is void if not used with a filter regulator. To keep warranty valid you cannot cantilever the geometric ratio weight beyond the center of gravity. All units are quoted the capacity within its deck size. Extended warranties available.
  • Surcharge: Tariffs or surcharges may apply to current published pricing.

Air Lift Table - BABLT Series
Model No. Platform Size (Width x Length) Capacity (LBS) Raised Height Lowered Height Color Price
1) BABLT-1000 48" x 32" 1,000 33" 9" Blue $3,933.53
2) BABLT-2000 48" x 32" 2,000 33" 9" Blue $4,683.36
Air Lift Table - BABLT-H Series
Model No. Platform Size (Width x Length) Capacity (LBS) Raised Height Lowered Height Color Price
3) BABLT-H-1-32 35-1/5" x 43¾" 1,000 32" 7" Orange $6,786.14
4) BABLT-H-2-32 35-1/5" x 43¾" 2,000 32" 7" Orange $6,977.40
5) BABLT-H-3-32 35-1/5" x 43¾" 3,000 32" 7" Orange $7,393.17
6) BABLT-H-4-32 35-1/5" x 43¾" 4,000 32" 7" Orange $9,354.52
Model No. Description For Use With Price
7) BABLT-FC-2P Foot Pedal Control BABLT-4000 $487.60
8) BABLT-H-FC Foot Pedal Control BABLT-H and BABLT-H-LP series $1,016.49
9) BABLT-H-RP-ND Manual Rotate, no detents BABLT-H-P-4848-4K $1,938.04
10) BABLT-H-RP-SD Manual Rotate, spring detents BABLT-H-P-4848-4K $2,010.00
11) BABLT-H-FP Fork Pockets, bolt on style, adds 4" to height BABLT-H and BABLT-H-LP series $2,762.22
Model No. Description For Use With Platform Size (W x L x T) Price
12) BABLT-H-P-3648 Bolt-on Platform BABLT-H series, 1,000-3,000 lbs. 36"x48"x¼" $1,188.46
13) BABLT-H-P-4848 Bolt-on Platform BABLT-H series, 1,000-3,000 lbs. 48"x48"x¼" $1,694.23
14) BABLT-H-P-4848-4K Bolt-on Platform BABLT-H series, 4,000 lbs. 48"x48"x½" $1,995.38

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