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Hydraulic Lift Cart - Mobile Lifting Work Cart - BCART series
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Hydraulic Lift Cart


Mobile Lifting Work Cart

Beacon Model: Beacon BCART series hydraulic lift cart
Models: On the BCART-550-SS and -1100-SS, the pump assembly, foot pump pedal and hydraulic cylinder are chrome-plated and the rest is stainless steel. On the BCART-200-ALUM, the pump assembly is painted, the handle chrome-plated and the wheels poly-on-plastic.
Description: The Hydraulic Lift Cart - Mobile Lifting Work Cart is designed to minimize worker bending and lifting. Material can be easily loaded onto the unit from a table, lowered to a safe transporting height, and then raised to unload when the cart reaches its destination.
Construction: These units feature aluminum, stainless steel, or steel construction. The scissor legs, wheel guards, and pump assembly are constructed of carbon steel.
Size: Models are available in a wide variety of sizes ranging from 17-1/2" wide x 27-1/2" long to 32" wide x 40" long.
Service Range: Models feature a service range ranging from 8-1/2" to 29" up to 25-1/2" to 50-3/4".
Capacity: This series features capacities ranging from 220 to 4,000 lbs.
Standard: Each unit comes standard with a foot pump that includes a soft-lowering down valve. Other standard features include 4 polyurethane casters and an internal hydraulic velocity fuse in each cylinder.
Options: Options include a foot treadle air/hydraulic, a 24V hand control (115V AC), a 12V DC power unit with battery and hand control, a bench top charger, a battery indicator gauge, and a twist throttle traction drive, 24V DC (not for BCART-2000-WD).
Color: Models feature a steel, aluminum, or Beacon Blue finish.
Weight: Models weigh from 140 to 595 lbs.
Note: Discounts are available on orders of two or more units. Call Beacon today for details.

Prices may increase due to steel surcharge.

Hydraulic Elevating Carts

Model# Description Platform Size (W x L) Capacity (LBS) Service Range Foot Pump Speed Price
1) BCART-200-D Double Scissor 17½"x27½" 220 13" to 50" Single $579.50
2) BCART-400 Single Scissor 17½"x27½" 400 8¾" to 29" Single $489.72
3) BCART-750-TS Single Scissor 19¾" x32½" 750 15½" to 35½" Two $811.54
4) BCART-800-D-TS Double Scissor 20"x35½" 800 15½" to 50¾" Two $1,066.89
5) BCART-1000-TS Single Scissor 19¾"x32½" 1,000 15½" to 35½" Two $883.83
6) BCART-1000-LD Single Scissor 31½"x63" 1,000 15" to 36" Two $1,043.57
7) BCART-1500-D-TS Double Scissor 24"x47½" 1500 19" to 68" Two $1,512.30
8) BCART-1750 Single Scissor 20"x39½" 1,750 17" to 40" Single $1,365.39
9) BCART-DS-1000-M Double Scissor 20"x33" 1,000 14" to 40" Two $2,241.05
10) BCART-2000-WD Single Scissor 32"x40" 2,000 15" to 39" Two $2,625.83
11) BCART-2000 Single Scissor 20" x40" 2000 15" to 39" Two $2,032.34
12) BCART-4000 Single Scissor 24"x47" 4,000 15½" to 40" Two $2,329.67

Hydraulic Elevating Carts (continued)

Model# Description Platform Size (W x L) Capacity (LBS) Service Range Foot Pump Speed Price
13) BCART-200-ALUM Aluminum 15¾"x27½" 220 8½" to 29" Single $791.71
14) BCART-550-SS Stainless Steel 19½"x31½" 550 9¾" to 33½" Two $6,158.81
15) BCART-1100-SS Stainless Steel 23½"x35½" 1,100 13" to 38½" Two $8,275.10

Hydraulic Elevating Carts - Auto-Shift

Model# Description Platform Size (W x L) Capacity (LBS) Service Range Foot Pump Speed Price
16) BCART-550-AS Single Scissor 19¾"x32¾" 550 12½" to 36-1/8" Two $778.89

For a highly efficient lift table designed to raise up to 12,000 lbs. of materials to a proper ergonomic height for the worker, please see the Beacon BEHLT scissor lift table.

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