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Tripod Hoist


Tripod Crane Hoist

Model: Bear Claw® BTRI Series Tripod Hoist and Tripod Crane
Description: The Tripod Hoist - Tripod Crane Hoist is great for usability for tight areas or confined spaces. These models are available with adjustable height legs or fixed height legs. The legs can be adjusted independently to enable the use on an uneven surface. Adjustments are in 6 inch increments.
Construction: The units are available in steel or aluminum construction.
Operation: It is the customers responsibility to verify a safe and secure footing during operating procedures.
Capacities: This series is available in 1,000 lb. or 2,000 lb. capacities. This product is for material only and not personnel.
Standard: Swivel eyebolt and safety chain are standard. Chain hoist is not included as standard. Our chain hoist is only available for lifting objects and not personnel.
Options: Hoist sold separately.
Installation: Two different types of feet, smooth or spiked are available for this unit. For portability and storage the unit conveniently folds.
Usage: It is the customers responsibility to verify correctness of fit for applications. It is the customer's responsibility to verify that this unit complies with all safety laws, codes and regulations.
Trademark: Bear Claw®
Brand: Bear Claw®

Prices may increase due to steel surcharge.
Bear Claw™ Tripod Hoist Stands for objects only, no personnel.
Model# Legs Construction Eyelet Height Min/Max Capacity Price
1) BTRI-SA Adjustable Height Legs Steel 8'-6" to 13' 6" 2,000 LBS $1,247.70
2) BTRI-SF Fixed Height Legs Steel 8'-6" fixed 2,000 LBS $1,024.98
3) BTRI-AA Adjustable Height Legs Aluminum 8'-6" to 13' 6" 1,000 LBS $2,573.26
4) BTRI-AF Fixed Height Legs Aluminum 8'-6" fixed 1,000 LBS $2,094.28

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