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Beacon® Packaging Equipment is utilized throughout the industry as a major component for preparing shipments of all sizes. These Wrapping Machines available through Beacon, a single source for all your packaging equipment requirements. Equipment offered is available as powered and manual depending on your selection and needs. The proper selection of equipment can significantly help increase the shipping department efficiency.

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Beacon World Class Stretch Wrap Machine - BSWA series


Stretch Wrap Machine

This BSWA is available with up to a 70" diameter and has a maximum capacity of up to 5,000 lbs. This semi-automatic equipment can be used with rolls from 10" to 20".
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starting at $5,262
Beacon World Class Pallet Wrapping Machine - BSWA-AW series


Pallet Wrapping Machine

The BSWA-AW features a 4,000-lb. capacity, a turntable diameter of 60" or 82", and a turntable height of 3-1/8". This equipment is designed with 115V 1 phase power and features touch screen controls.
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starting at $14,140

Beacon World Class Automatic Strapping Machines - BS-2001 series


Automatic Strapping Machine

This BS-2001 features a stainless steel strapping service and can quickly wrap and heat seal bundles and packages larger than 3". Save valuable time with this unit.
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at $1,384
Beacon World Class Strapping Machine - BASM-3123 series


Strapping Machine

This BASM-3123 is a high-speed unit which minimizes packaging time. The unit dispenses and seals strapping with heat around bundles or packages.
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at $7,556

Beacon World Class Strapping Cart - BDBA-130 series


Strapping Cart

This BDBA-130 eliminates hand strapping and uses 3/8", 1/2", or 5/8" poly strapping with up to 175 lbs. of tension. This semi-automatic unit includes a 40" foldable arm probe.
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at $5,201
Beacon World Class Shrink Wrappers - BPEL-A-SWA series


Shrink Wrappers

This BPEL-A-SWA allows for walking around pallets and wraps up and down with a maximum wrap height of 86". The unit includes 4 swivel casters for mobility.
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at $3,794

Beacon World Class Banding Cart - BSTRAP-P2 series


Banding Cart

The BSTRAP-P2 is designed to place poly strapping through a pallet. Units have a maximum core width of 5" and features tray sizes of 19" wide x 5-3/4" deep.
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at $642
Beacon World Class Shrink Wrap Cutter - BSW-KNIFE series


Shrink Wrap Cutter

This BSW-KNIFE includes a knife which is pocket-sized and features an angled cutting head designed to slice through stretch wrap without binding or sticking. This unit has a durable design and is ideal for any shipping situation. Replacement blades and film wrap also available.
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starting at $5

Beacon World Class Shrink Wrap Gun - BSH-GUN-E series


Shrink Wrap Gun

Our BSH-GUN-E is lightweight and durable and is ideal for use in shipping areas, parts departments, and printing plants. This equipment uses a 115 V, single-phase motor.
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at $47
Beacon World Class Polypropylene Stapping - BST series


Polypropylene Strapping

This BST features a smooth, uniform texture designed to resist splitting and has tensile strengths of up to 308 lbs. and a maximum strapping width of 1/2".
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starting at $56

Beacon World Class Propane Heat Gun - BSH-GUN-P series


Propane Heat Gun

Our BSH-GUN-P is lightweight and user-friendly. Featuring an adjustable regulator with a temperature setting of 125,000 BTU/HR, it includes a 26-ft hose with swivel connector.
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at $1,232
Beacon World Class Pallet Shrink Wrap - BSW-HAND series


Pallet Shrink Wrap

This BSW-HAND is lightweight and maintains precision tension control, ensuring smooth, tight stretch wrap applications. The unit accommodates stretch wrap rolls up to 8" in diameter. The ergonomic design reduces worker fatigue.
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starting at $55

Beacon World Class Steel Strapping - BSS-HS series


Steel Strapping

This BSS-HS provides strong reinforcement for demanding jobs and is available in 1/2", 5/8", or 3/4" widths. This series is ideal for strapping pallets and bundles.
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starting at $45
Beacon World Class Truck Strap Winch - BSW series


Truck Strap Winch

This BSW is designed to tighten down loads, effectively eliminating shifting. These models are available in either a bolt-on or a weld-on design. A low-profile model is also available.
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starting at $22

Beacon World Class Corner Protectors - BEDGE series


Corner Protectors

The BEDGE is designed to stabilize loads during shipping to prevent damage caused by strap cutting. This unit works with plastic or steel strapping and is constructed with either steel, nylon, or plastic.
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at $78

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