Picking Carts

Beacon® Picking Carts are utilized as a portable ladder with a tray. Different designs are available with one, two, or three shelves, and each model has a unique features. These units have a maximum capacity ranging from 660 lbs. to 1,000 lbs., depending on the number of shelves and aluminum or steel construction.

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Beacon World Class Order Picking Carts - BSPS2 series


Order Picking Carts

This BSPS-2041-C features a unique design that allows for oversized packages to fit on the bottom shelf. The unit has a 440-lb. capacity and a bottom shelf size of 20-1/2” wide x 41-5/8” long.
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at $352
Beacon World Class Portable Stockpicker Truck - BSPS-HD series


Portable Stockpicker Truck

The BSPS-HD and BSPA-HD is ideal for oversized cartons, boxes, parts, and supplies. The unit is available with a bottom shelf size up to 28” wide x 52” long. It and has a 500-lb. maximum capacity.
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Beacon World Class Stock Picker Truck - BSPS series


Stock Picker Truck

These BSPS2-3 and BSPA2-3 combine the mobility of a cart with the versatility of a step ladder. These models have a capacity of 330 lbs. per shelf and a bottom shelf size of up to 28” wide x 48” long.
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Beacon World Class Electric Order Picker - BEOP series


Electric Order Picker

This BEOP features a total capacity up to 500 lbs and includes a service range of 26" to 118". This convertible series features swivel wheels and a safety braking system.
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