Hydraulic Upender

Hydraulic Upender -  Upender Rotator - BHUE Series

Beacon® BHUE Series

The rotating Hydraulic Upender upends and tilts work materials to an ergonomically correct position for the worker. This Upender Rotator features limit switches and mechanical stops in both directions. This tilter has double-acting hydraulic cylinders and smooth steel tops with 3-3/4" straight safety toe guards with safety stripes. The unit features hard, chrome-plated, polished shafting, hydraulic cylinder rods and axles. The series also has double-acting hydraulic cylinders and lifetime self-lubricating, anti-friction bearings at all pivot points for best overall performance.
Starting at: $14,647.73

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Product Details

  • Models: Pricing below is only for the minimum platform width and length. Additional charges will apply for a larger platform size above minimum platform standard pricing and will be quoted individually by Beacon to the customer.
  • Construction: Features heavy-duty steel construction.
  • Size: The units are available in a variety of platform sizes ranging from 24" wide x 36" long to 48" wide x 72" long. The chart below identifies the platform minimum and maximum standard sizes.
  • Service Range: Hydraulic Upender models tilt up to 90 degrees. Units have lowered heights of either 10" or 18".
  • Electrical: The unit is powered by an internally mounted 1-1/2 Hp 230 V, 1 Ph, 60 Hz or 208/230/460 V, 3 Ph, 60 Hz intermittent duty TENV super torque motor or 3 Hp 208/230/460 V, 3 Ph, 60 Hz continuous duty TENV motor. Please specify required voltage when ordering.
  • Note: The units can be mounted on scissor lifts or used as free-standing units.
  • Capacity: The standard models are available with capacities ranging from 2,000 to 12,000 lbs. Special hydraulic models are available with capacities above 12,000 lbs. The special heavy capacity units greater than 12,000 lbs will include redesign and engineering time, heavier capacity hydraulic cylinders, thicker deck, redefined substructure, and clevises points.
  • Options: The Hydraulic Upender options include a hydraulic sliding hold down clamp with independent control, a key operated up/down selector, electric toe guards, conveyor tops, ball transfer tops and remote power units with 5' hydraulic hose.
  • Warranty: To keep the warranty valid you cannot cantilever the geometric ratio weight beyond the center of gravity. All units are quoted the capacity within its deck size.
  • Surcharge: Tariffs or surcharges may apply to current published pricing.
  • BHUE - Video
  • BHUE - Clamp - Video
  • BHUE - Clamp - Test - Video


Hydraulic Upender - BHUE Series
Model No. Angle of Tilt Capacity (LBS) Platform Std. Widths Platform Max. Lengths Lowered Height Approx Up Speed Seconds Motor HP Cyl. Note Price
1) BHUE-02-90 90° 2,000 24"-48" 36"-48" 10" 15 1.5 1 A $14,647.73
2) BHUE-04-90 90° 4,000 24"-48" 36"-48" 10" 30 1.5 2 A $15,362.26
3) BHUE-06-90 90° 6,000 24"-48" 36"-48" 10" 45 1.5 3 A $15,845.61
4) BHUE-08-90 90° 8,000 30"-48" 50"-72" 18" 45 3 2 A $19,334.17
5) BHUE-10-90 90° 10,000 30"-48" 50"-72" 18" 45 3 2 A $21,518.00
6) BHUE-12-90 90° 12,000 30"-48" 50"-72" 18" 45 3 2 A $25,331.01
A: *Standard platforms only. ••Maximum widths and lengths from standard to maximum of 72” x 72”. Consult marketing.
OPTION Hydraulic Upender Clamp - BHUE-CL
Model No. Option Note Price
7) BHUE-CL Hydraulic Sliding Hold Down Clamp. Independent Operation. $13,369.19
A: *Standard platforms only. ••Maximum widths and lengths from standard to maximum of 72” x 72”. Consult marketing.

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