Hydraulic Lift Cart

Beacon® BCART Series

The traveling Hydraulic Lift Cart is designed to minimize worker bending and lifting. Material can be easily loaded onto the Powered Scissor Lift unit from a table, lowered to a safe transporting height, and then raised to unload when the cart reaches its destination.
Starting at: $493.18

Product Details

  • Models: On the BCART-550-SS and -1100-SS, the pump assembly, foot pump pedal and hydraulic cylinder are chrome-plated and the rest is stainless steel. On the BCART-200-ALUM, the pump assembly is painted, the handle chrome-plated and the wheels poly-on-plastic.
  • Construction: These units feature aluminum, stainless steel, or steel construction. The scissor legs, wheel guards, and pump assembly are constructed of carbon steel.
  • Size: Models are available in a wide variety of sizes ranging from 17-1/2" wide x 27-1/2" long to 32" wide x 40" long.
  • Service Range: Models feature a service range ranging from 8-1/2" to 29" up to 25-1/2" to 50-3/4".
  • Color: Models feature a steel, aluminum, or Beacon Blue finish.
  • Weight: Models weigh from 140 to 595 lbs.
  • Note: Discounts are available on orders of two or more units. Call Beacon today for details.
  • Capacity: This series features capacities ranging from 220 to 4,000 lbs.
  • Standard: Each unit comes standard with a foot pump that includes a soft-lowering down valve. Other standard features include 4 polyurethane casters and an internal hydraulic velocity fuse in each cylinder.
  • Options: Hydraulic Lift Cart options include foot treadle air/hydraulic, 24V hand control (115V AC), 12V DC power unit with battery and hand control, bench top charger, battery indicator gauge, and twist throttle traction drive, 24V DC.
  • Surcharge: Tariffs or surcharges may apply to current published pricing.


WARNING This product can expose you to lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.
For more information go to: www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

Hydraulic Lift Cart - BCART Series
Model# Description Platform Size (W x L) Capacity (LBS) Service Range Foot Pump Speed Price
1) BCART-200-D Double Scissor 17½"x27½" 220 13" to 50" Single $583.50
2) BCART-400 Single Scissor 17½"x27½" 400 8¾" to 29" Single $493.18
3) BCART-750-TS Single Scissor 19¾" x32½" 750 15½" to 35½" Two $817.16
4) BCART-800-D-TS Double Scissor 20"x35½" 800 15½" to 50¾" Two $1,074.28
5) BCART-1000-TS Single Scissor 19¾"x32½" 1,000 15½" to 35½" Two $889.97
6) BCART-1000-LD Single Scissor 31½"x63" 1,000 15" to 36" Two $1,050.81
7) BCART-1500-D-TS Double Scissor 24"x47½" 1500 19" to 68" Two $1,522.81
8) BCART-1750 Single Scissor 20"x39½" 1,750 17" to 40" Single $1,374.79
9) BCART-4000 Single Scissor 24"x47" 4,000 15½" to 40" Two $2,345.81

Hydraulic Lift Cart - BCART Series (continued)

Model# Description Platform Size (W x L) Capacity (LBS) Service Range Foot Pump Speed Price
10) BCART-200-ALUM Aluminum 15¾"x27½" 220 8½" to 29" Single $858.14
11) BCART-550-SS Stainless Steel 19½"x31½" 550 9¾" to 33½" Two $6,201.27
12) BCART-1100-SS Stainless Steel 23½"x35½" 1,100 13" to 38½" Two $8,332.31
Hydraulic Lift Cart - BCART Series - Auto-Shift
Model# Description Platform Size (W x L) Capacity (LBS) Service Range Foot Pump Speed Price
13) BCART-550-AS Single Scissor 19¾"x32¾" 550 12½" to 36-1/8" Two $784.30

Complementary Products: For a highly efficient lift table designed to raise up to 12,000 lbs. of materials to a proper ergonomic height for the worker, please see the Beacon BEHLT scissor lift table.

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