Material handling Utility Cart reduces employee strain caused by carrying heavy items. 

The Ergonomically Designed Utility Cart Creates an Efficient Workplace

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Applying ergonomics to the industrial workplace is considerably more prevalent now than it was several decades ago. Many more industrial companies are investing in equipment that is designed with reducing operator discomfort and worker fatigue in mind. Businesses are paying much more attention to preventing repetitive stress injuries, also frequently called “cumulative trauma disorders.” These types of injuries are no different from the sudden, accident-caused variety in that they also often lead to increases in absenteeism, health care costs and worker’s compensation claims. One type of work task that can cause repetitive stress injuries is the manual carrying of materials. Industrial work carts can prevent injuries by enabling workers to place less stress on their bodies by transporting materials on wheeled equipment rather than carrying these materials manually.

There are many different types of material handling carts being used today to improve worker efficiency and help reduce repetitive stress injuries. This equipment can be categorized into three main varieties: industrial cart models designed to carry a variety of different materials, equipment cart models designed to transport a certain category of materials (like bar stock), and cart models designed to transport a specific type of item (like welding cylinders). One of the most frequently utilized general-use ergonomic carts is the service cart, also often called a utility cart. Service cart models are constructed of either steel or aluminum and have two or three shelves on which workers can place a variety of materials and transport them within a facility.

Some utility carts, such as the portable workbench, are designed to handle long and unwieldy items in the workplace. Whether it’s sheet material, bar stock, or any other type of oversized material, these units are available with platforms up to 30” wide x 120” long and capacities of 2,000 lbs. This equipment also has the added function of being able to raise and lower materials to the correct ergonomic working height.

Wood platform cart models feature heavy-duty hardwood construction and a steel handle. These units are available with either two or three shelves for extra organization or storage space, as well as a deck size up to 36” wide by 72” long. A capacity of 1,600 lbs. allows for heavy-duty use. A specific type of cart is the pallet carousel cart, which allows the easy transportation of materials and then rotates 360 degrees for optimum unloading efficiency.

With a large variety of material handling, cylinder transport, panel moving, platform deck, and powered product carts, your company is a small step away from ergonomics and efficiency.
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