The box dumper eliminates the need for manual dumping of industrial containers. 

The Industrial Box Dumpers Reduce Fatigue

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Hydraulic box dumpers are designed for the quick, controlled emptying of bulk containers. The hydraulic box dumpers accomplish this by raising the container, tilting it at an angle, and allowing the contents to empty out.

The Beacon hydraulic box dumpers are push-button controlled to allow a single employee to operate it with maximum efficiency. The highest-capacity hydraulic dumpers can handle loads of up to 6,000 pounds and can empty these loads in less than 60 seconds. If a 6,000-pound capacity is much more than you’ll ever need and wish to pay for, smaller models feature capacities of 1,000, 2,000, or 4,000 pounds. All top models, regardless of their capacities, are designed to handle containers of all shapes and virtually all sizes that are in common industrial use today. Hydraulic box dumpers are available with several different dump heights as well as different dumping angles. The optimum dumping angle usually is 60 degrees, which yields a full clean out of virtually any type of material.

Many thousands of businesses, of course, make daily use of boxes, crates, cartons, tubs or other varieties of bulk handling containers for products they sell as well as other items that are vital to their operation. Manually emptying the contents of these containers, especially larger ones, is time-consuming and often is inefficient use of man-hours.

The manual dumping of industrial-use containers, in addition to being an inefficient use of man-hours, also places workers at increased risk for injury, both the sudden variety as well as the repetitive-stress variety. Yet emptying these containers is a key aspect of manufacturing, assembly and foundries. So what piece of material handling equipment is the best solution as to saving valuable man-hours and significantly reducing injury risk? The optimum solution, in the overwhelming number of cases, is the use of a hydraulic box dumper.

In many instances, the containers to be emptied are placed on the hydraulic box dumpers via fork truck, and, because of this, virtually all quality box dumpers are designed to be lowered down to one-half inch for easiest fork truck access. The hydraulic box dumpers quickly place container contents into your facility’s material handling system and can significantly reduce your operating costs. Because some container contents are powders and other materials that include dust or other minute particles, some of the best box dumpers are self-contained, so that, during the dumping process, they do not allow these particles to get in the air and become circulated around portions of your facility. Another key advantage of hydraulic box dumpers over manual dumping is that box dumpers enable controlled dumping. Manual dumping can become uncontrolled, such as when the workers reach a certain tilt angle with a container and the contents often simply tumbles out haphazardly. This can cause damage to contents, a profit-reducing occurrence that box dumpers do not allow. It is the customers responsibility to verify correctness of fit for applications.
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