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A key aspect of managing a profitable business, apart from providing goods or services that make you money, is to significantly reduce or eliminate aspects of your operation that can cost you money. With businesses that operate large, open-air facilities that ship and receive significant quantities of goods, a busy loading dock area is a place where a good deal of profits can go out the window in the form of needless expenses. One of the most common types of preventable dock-area expenses is excessive heating and air-conditioning costs resulting from not having the proper energy-saving equipment. Concerning this vital matter of reducing dock-area energy costs, the key equipment to have, almost certainly, are dock door seals. Please take a few moments to read the following brief article to learn about dock door seals and how they can significantly reduce your dock area’s energy expenses.

Loading dock door seals are an important piece of material handling equipment that save businesses considerable money in several important ways. The key means by which dock door seals reduce operating expenses is by sealing off open indoor/outdoor spaces. When a truck backs up to a loading dock, open space is created on each side of the dock door as well as on its top portion. These spaces allow air-conditioning costs to literally go out the door in the summer and heating expenses to flow out during the winter. Also, these spaces allow rain, snow, and dust inside, which can cause equipment operating inside your dock area to wear down significantly faster than usual. In addition, the spaces provide convenient openings through which products and other valuable items can be stolen from facilities.

Loading dock door seals work excellently to close the spaces around all sides of docks when semi-trucks back up to them. Typically constructed of either vinyl-coated, Hypalon-coated, or Neoprene-coated nylon along with either wood or solid foam, they form extraordinarily tight seals around dock doors. These dock door seals save you money by keeping your wintertime heated air and summertime cooled air right where it should be – inside your building. Each dock deal also ensures that all weather elements, as well as dust and potentially harmful truck fumes, remain outside. The door seals not only save your energy costs and protect the equipment that’s inside your dock area; they also allow your employees to remain comfortable so that they can continue to maintain their productivity levels.

Apart from needless energy expenses, another profit-draining dock-area issue is preventable dock damage and worker injuries that can occur in inadequately equipped loading dock areas. Semi-trucks, if not properly directed, naturally can cause considerable damage and significant repair costs – especially in busy loading dock areas. In addition, if the proper dock safety equipment is not used in conjunction with truck loading and unloading, the result can be injured workers. Important dock safety and damage prevention equipment include traffic signal dock lights, dock bumpers, wheel chocks, and dock barricades. The dock door seals significantly reduce repair costs as well as the chance of injuries. It is the customer’s responsibility to verify correctness of fit for applications.
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