Scissor dock levelers feature capacities of up to 12,000 lbs. 

The Scissor Dock Lift at the loading dock saves time.

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The Scissor Dock Lift is a highly efficient piece of dock equipment that is designed to accomplish loading and unloading procedures. The units range in low to high capacity depending on the loading weight and duty cycle requirements. A scissor dock lift is material handling equipment designed with interlocking legs to raise an attached platform on which loads are placed. This type of equipment is raised and lowered with a push of a button by a single worker. They are available in a wide variety of platform sizes and have capacities of up to 15 tons. With these features, they can handle virtually any item that can be placed on a truck for shipping.

Utilizing a scissor dock lift a generally designed, positioned and installed to accommodate pallet trucks. Palletized products are simply loaded onto a pallet truck, which then is rolled onto a scissor dock lift. The scissor dock lift then is raised to the truck bed level, and the pallet truck is simply rolled onto the truck bed. This type of loading dock equipment is excellent for handling other types of wheeled, product carrying equipment such as a portable product lift truck, a fork truck, and various types of carts. Their ability to do this helps to speed up truck loading and unloading, which is important because many trucking companies charge for extra time spent in loading dock areas.

Another key aspect of the scissor dock lift is that they are built with safety around the ANSI MH 29.1 standard. Safety aspects are especially important with dock area equipment, because loading dock areas, chiefly due to the size and frequency of the vehicles moving in and out, are inherently potentially hazardous places. Our scissor dock lift feature hand safety rails for workers to grasp as well as to prevent loads from sliding off the lift. Additionally, a key function of the scissor dock lift is raising heavy items so that workers will not have to manually lift, helping to prevent many worker strains and injuries. It is the customer’s responsibility to verify correctness of fit for applications.

Loading docks are vital areas for companies that do a good deal of shipping and receiving of goods. It thus is very important that dock areas have the proper equipment to enable visiting trucks to be loaded or unloaded as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Delays in truck servicing can often lead directly to lost revenue. If a loading dock area is not properly equipped, two common occurrences that can cause delays are very heavy cargo items and significant height discrepancies between truck beds and loading dock platforms. Additionally, there are many businesses that do not have loading docks, which can significantly increase the time it takes for its employees to unload a visiting truck. What is necessary for these occurrences is a heavy duty platform that can compensate for unevenness between truck beds and dock platforms, and, in addition, can raise and lower significant amounts of heavy materials.
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