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Hydraulic Box Dumpers
Hydraulic Box Dumpers - Container Dumper - BHBD series

Hydraulic Box Dumpers


Container Dumper

Beacon Model: Beacon BHBD series hydraulic box dumpers
Description: Hydraulic Box Dumpers - Container Dumper are built to last with a durable heavy duty steel design. Push button control enables one person for dump industrial-use containers up to 135 degrees. Designed and available with several different dump heights. The special lowered height of only 3/8" enables a pallet truck to load or unload. The retaining bars are designed to adjust every 2" to accommodate many container heights.
Construction: Features heavy-duty welded steel construction. Contact Beacon regarding additional hold-down bar heights
Operation: The worker controls the rotation up and down simply with a hand-held push button control console.
Projection: Chute reach projection is 10" when fully rotated.
Size: The models are available in different sizes ranging from 64" wide x 67" long to 67" wide x 67" long. The chute on all units is 51-1/2" x 50". Special size units are available.
Service Range: The unit's maximum rotation is 135 degrees.
Dump Heights: Unit dump heights are 36", 48" and 60".
Capacities: Models features capacities of 2,000, 4,000 or 6,000 lbs.
Lift Heights: Level heights on the unit are 53", 65" and 77". Rotated heights are 108", 128" and 148".
Electrical: The unit is powered by an internal 2 Hp motor (5 Hp motor on 6,000 lb models). 460V AC, 3 Phase, 60 Hz is standard. Other electrical options are available.
Standard: The unit comes standard with a 24v pendant hand-held control on an 8' cord. Its structural frame includes protective mesh side screens.
Options: A foot control is optional. Other options include different Beacon finishes, a 4-button control for a rotary air/oil power unit, and high cycle packages.
Color: This series has a painted blue finish.
Weight: Varying weights among models range from 1,564 to 2,021 lbs.
Note: All standard and special box dumper chutes are stitch welded. Special continuous welds for liquid tight available at additional charge.
Usage: It is the customers responsibility to verify correctness of fit for applications. It is the customer's responsibility to verify that this unit complies with all safety laws, codes and regulations.

Hydraulic Box Dumpers - Container Dumper - Read about uses and applications.

Prices may increase due to steel surcharge.
Hydraulic Box Dumper
Model# Dump Height Hold Downs Level Height Usable Chute (W x L) Rotated Height Capacity (LBS) Overall (W x L) Price
1) BHBD-2-36 36" 18"-36" 53" 51½"x50" 108" 2,000 64"x67" $6,234.20
2) BHBD-2-48 48" 18"-42" 65" 51½"x50" 128" 2,000 64"x67" $6,445.03
3) BHBD-2-60 60" 18"-50" 77" 51½"x50" 148" 2,000 64"x67" $6,593.16
4) BHBD-4-36 36" 18"-36" 53" 51½"x50" 108" 4,000 67"x67" $7,687.33
5) BHBD-4-48 48" 18"-42" 65" 51½"x50" 128" 4,000 67"x67" $7,930.60
6) BHBD-4-60 60" 18"-50" 77" 51½"x50" 148" 4,000 67"x67" $8,058.18
7) BHBD-6-36 36" 18"-36" 53" 51½"x50" 108" 6,000 67"x67" $8,090.62
8) BHBD-6-48 48" 18"-42" 65" 51½"x50" 128" 6,000 67"x67" $8,297.13
9) BHBD-6-60 60" 18"-50" 77" 51½"x50" 148" 6,000 67"x67" $8,467.96
Model# Description Price
10) BHICYCLE-HBD-2/4 High Cycle Package for 2,000 & 4,000-lb. units $4,498.87
11) BHICYCLE-HBD-6 High Cycle Package for 6,000-lb. units $4,998.39
12) BFC-2 Foot Control $164.34
13) BHBD-6-ROTARY-DA-HHPB DA - 4-button control for rotary air/oil power unit (BHBD-6) (warranty void if used W/O Filter - Regulator - Lubricator (FRL)) (call BEACON for db rating) $846.58

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