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Industrial hoppers are ideal for many industrial cleanup applications. Available as standard or with water tight option, please specify when ordering. Different types include stationary, portable hoppers with casters or to be moved with a fork truck. Beacon offers a wide variety of this important waste-management equipment, including self dumping, industrial, stackable and towable hoppers. Also featured in this category are dumping parts hopper and tote dumper models.

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Beacon World Class Industrial Hoppers - BP series

1) Industrial Hoppers

These BP series models feature welded construction and make moving bulk material easier. This Industrial Hoppers include 4 - 8" x 2" glass-filled-nylon casters, 2 rigid and 2 swivel.
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starting at $833
Beacon World Class Self Dumping Steel Hoppers - BD series

2) Self Dumping Steel Hoppers

These BD series models automatically dump when bumper makes contact. Self Dumping Steel Hoppers return to original position and lock back into place. These models also are supplied with forklift pickup slots.
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starting at $676

Beacon World Class Stackable Hoppers - BHOP series

3) Stackable Hoppers

This BHOP series is available in sizes ranging from 1/4 to 5 cubic yards. Stackable Hoppers feature capacities of up to 6,000 lbs. These units include a beveled cross channel for easier fork entry.
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starting at $968
Beacon World Class Self Dumping Hoppers - BH series

4) Self Dumping Hoppers

These BH series models are essential for convenient loading. Self Dumping Hoppers are constructed from steel and feature a welded, leak-proof design. The steel unit is supplied with locking chain to secure to forklift.
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starting at $603

Beacon World Class Hopper Lids - BPLID series

5) Hopper Lids

This BPLID series keeps hopper contents out of sight for a cleaner appearance. Hopper Lids are constructed from either polyethylene material or steel and are available in a variety of colors.
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starting at $120
Beacon World Class Portable Hoppers - BCHIP series

6) Portable Hoppers

This BCHIP series is ideal for collecting and transporting bulk material or trash. This steel equipment is available with leak-proof seams. Portable Hoppers feature tapered ends that allow user-friendly loading and dumping.
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starting at $801

Beacon World Class Dumping Hopper - BC-HOP series

7) Dumping Hopper

The BC-HOP series is designed for use in areas with limited space. This industrial Dumping Hopper features a full-height front door that opens to dump the hopper contents. This item is constructed of heavy-duty welded steel.
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starting at $1,940
Beacon World Class Parts Hopper - BHOP-LP series

8) Parts Hopper

The BHOP-LP series is designed to be placed underneath machinery to be used as catch basins for parts. This Parts Hopper is dumped either manual or with a fork truck and features up to a 2,000-lb. capacity.
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