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Jib Crane - Electric - Powered Jib - BWTJ series
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Bear Claw®

Jib Crane - Electric


Powered Jib

Model: Bear Claw® BWTJ series power lift jib crane electric lifting jib.
Description: The Jib Crane - Electric - Powered Jib lifts and maneuvers heavy materials. The unit is available in either heavy-duty (BWTJ) or light-duty (BWTJ-E) models. Both models are available in AC or DC power. The heavy-duty models have rotation hand brakes that offer unlimited 360-degree positioning. The boom adjusts in 12" increments and can be positioned at three elevations. The light-duty models feature 360-degree locking manual rotation as well as 25' of 5/32" cable with swivel snatch block and safety latch.
Construction: Units feature heavy duty steel construction.
Size: The units have boom reaches of either 40" to 63", 42" to 66" or 52" to 87".
Service Range: This series features a boom height range of 54-1/2" to 88-1/2", 54-1/2" to 99", and 41-1/2" to 65-1/2". Longer cable lengths and lift ranges are not available.
Capacity: The models feature capacities of 1,500 or 2,000 lbs.
Electrical: This unit is available as 12V DC, 1/3 Hp with 12' removable plug in pendant control or 115V AC, 1/2 Hp with fingertip switch on the unit to raise or lower the hook. Wiring by others.
Standard: These units are available for lifting objects only and not personnel.
Options: A handheld, push-button control is available for AC models only.
Installation: Indoor use. All cranes are shipped disassembled. All products should be inspected frequently to ensure safe operation. Final testing & inspecting is left to the end user after final assembly has been completed. For further details see ASME B30.17.
Color: Units are powder-coated Beacon blue. An optional galvanized finish is also available; ask Beacon for details.
Weight: This product weighs between 245 and 255 lbs.
Scope: The BWTJ series heavy duty unit DC models include 25 feet of 3/16" aircraft-grade wire rope with swivel hook and safety latch. Folds for storage when not in use.
Trademark: Bear Claw®
Brand: Bear Claw®

Prices may increase due to steel surcharge.

Bear Claw™ Power Lift Jib Crane - Heavy Duty

Model# Operation Capacity (LBS) Boom Reach Boom Height Price
1) BWTJ-20-3-DC 12V DC 2,000 40" to 63" 54½" to 88½" $2,973.30
2) BWTJ-20-4-DC 12V DC 2,000 52" to 87" 54½" to 99" $3,095.73
3) BWTJ-20-3-AC 115V AC 2,000 40" to 63" 54½" to 88½" $3,689.22
4) BWTJ-20-4-AC 115V AC 2,000 52" to 87" 54½" to 99" $3,817.48

Bear Claw™ Power Lift Jib Crane - Light Duty

Model# Operation Capacity (LBS) Boom Reach Boom Height Price
5) BWTJ-E-15-3-DC 12V DC 1,500 42" to 66" 41½" to 65½" $2,379.81
6) BWTJ-E-15-3-AC 115V AC 1,500 42" to 66" 41½" to 65½" $3,026.94


Model# Description Price
7) BWTJ-WINCH-AC-HHPB Handheld push-button control for AC models $250.69

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