Drum Handling Equipment

Industrial Drum Handling Equipment and Drum Transporters are designed to assist in the ergonomic handling of all types of industrial drums and pails. Emptying, rotating, dumping, moving and transporting drums is a serious task that needs to be done safely. This product category includes high end quality industrial equipment designed to meet your drum handling needs. Featured is manual or fork lift assisted equipment designed to make your job easier.

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Beacon World Class Hydraulic Drum Mover - BLPDT series

1) Hydraulic Drum Mover

The BLPDT series is the ideal solution for transporting and positioning drums when fork trucks are unavailable. This Hydraulic Drum Mover features a raised height of 64-9/16", a capacity of 600 lbs., and a spring-loaded clamp for a secure grip.
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at $707
Beacon World Class Drum Palletizer - BPSDT series

2) Drum Palletizer

This BPSDT series is designed to straddle pallets in order to easily load and unload drums. The Drum Palletizer can be used with both 30 and 55-gallon steel, fiber, or plastic drums and has a raised height of 46-3/8".
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at $749

Beacon World Class Drum Transporters - BDCR series

3) Drum Transporters

These BDCR series Drum Transporters are designed to lift and transport plastic, fiber, and steel drums with a top lip or chime. This unit is available in either manual hand ratchet or foot-pump operation.
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starting at $960
Beacon World Class Drum Handling Jack - BDC series

4) Drum Handling Jack

This BDC series transports 55-gallon steel drums, lifting them 2-1/4 off the ground. The Drum Handling Jack rolls smoothly on phenolic casters and has a capacity of 550 lbs. This product allows for effortless drum transport.
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at $599

Beacon World Class Portable Drum Stacker - BDRUM-55 series

5) Portable Drum Stacker

This BDRUM-55 series is compact and made with all-steel construction. The Portable Drum Stacker is for use with 30- and 55-gallon plastic, steel, and fiber drums. Easily maneuver drums in tight spaces with these drum handling units.
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starting at $820
Beacon World Class Portable Drum Cart - BRDC series

6) Portable Drum Cart

This BRDC series works excellently for drum transporting and drum tipping. The Portable Drum Cart is constructed of rugged steel and features an 800-lb. capacity.
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starting at $115

Beacon World Class Portable Drum Stand - BRDC series

7) Portable Drum Stand

The BRDC series is designed to rotate 55-gallon drums from the vertical position to the horizontal position so their contents may be emptied. The Portable Drum Stand features a maximum capacity of 1,000 lbs. and includes a safety drip pan.
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at $341
Beacon World Class Drum Hand Cart - BRDC series

8) Drum Hand Cart

The BRDC series is designed for drum transporting as well as drum tipping. The Drum Hand Cart is constructed of heavy-duty steel and features a 1,000-lb. capacity. This equipment includes two retractable wooden handles.
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starting at $212

Beacon World Class Drum Hand Cradle - BRDBT series

9) Drum Hand Cradle

Our BRDBT series is used to store and empty drum contents. The Drum Hand Cradle operates as a drum truck to transport 55-gallon drums. The model's unique design includes a wheeled undercarriage for storing or draining barrels.
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starting at $322
Beacon World Class Drum Mover - BDCHT series

10) Drum Mover

This BDCHT series is designed to operate efficiently as a drum cart, a drum cradle, and a hand truck. The Drum Mover features a 1,000-lb. capacity.
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starting at $497

Beacon World Class Tilting Drum Truck - BDBT-1000 series

11) Tilting Drum Truck

The BDBT-1000 series features a chime gripper for a sure grip on drums. This Tilting Drum Truck has a 1,000-lb. capacity and features a foot rest for easy loading.
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at $269
Beacon World Class Barrel Hand Truck - BDBT-1200 series

12) Barrel Hand Truck

Our BDBT-1200 series features an adjustable chime hook for secure drum transport. The Barrel Hand Truck features an 800-lb. capacity and a kickstand for keeping the unit tilted.
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starting at $139

Beacon World Class Drum Hand Truck - BDBT-SA series

13) Drum Hand Truck

This BDBT-SA series is designed specifically to transport 55-gallon drums and is constructed of heavy-duty steel. The spring mechanism of this Drum Hand Truck allows for efficient tilting of fully loaded drums.
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starting at $380
Beacon World Class Drum Caddy - BLO-DC series

14) Drum Caddy

The BLO-DC series is designed to transport (1) 55- or 30-gallon drum or (2) 5-gallon pails. The Drum Caddy is used to transport drums weighing up to 1,200 lbs. These units feature steel construction.
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starting at $129

Beacon World Class Drum Stands - BDRUM-ST series

15) Drum Stands

The BDRUM-ST series offers a uniquely designed understructure that allows for the transporting of drums with either a pallet truck or fork truck. The Drum Stands are designed for use with 30- or 55-gallon drums weighting up to 1,500 lbs.
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at $124
Beacon World Class Drum Upender - BDTP series

16) Drum Upender

This BDTP series provides the leverage needed for tilting horizontal drums to the vertical position. The Drum Upender is constructed of solid steel for long life. It also features a 40 handle.
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Additional Drum Handling Equipment:
Drum Handling Equipment

For equipment that allows drums to be transported with a pallet truck or a fork truck, please see Beacon drum stands.

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