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Beacon ™ brand Dock Levelers - Loading Systems are designed to adjust for the height differences between truck trailer truck beds and loading dock platforms. This special Beacon Technology ™ equipment has proven to last many decades when utilized as prescribed by the owners manual and a preventative maintenance agreement is set in place. These units are available with hydraulic or manual operation. Hydraulic dock levelers are powered with a motor pump reservoir with one or more hydraulic cylinders, controlled by a push button control station. Manual dock levelers are activated by pull chain release. Edge of Dock Levelers are manually controlled by a hook lift or bar lift. Loose dock plates are set in place manually or by a fork truck. All four different styles are utilized in the industry, the proper selection is determined by the capacity, usage and duty cycle. Beacon ™ brand patent history illustrates its dedication to technology.

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Beacon World Class Dock Leveler has heavy duty steel construction and up to an 80,000-lb. capacity.

1) Dock Leveler

These models are available with either push-button or automatic return. The hydraulic cylinder controls lip and deck movement. This equipment features capacities ranging from 25,000 lbs. to 80,000 lbs.
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Beacon World Class Manual Dock Levelers feature several designs and sizes for different applications.

2) Manual Dock Levelers

This equipment features a hinged-lip design and a pull-chain manual control. The Manual Dock Levelers are available with several sizes ranging from 25,000 lbs. to 45,000 lbs. capacity.
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Beacon World Class Air Dock Leveler - BX3 series

3) Air Dock Leveler

The BX3 series is an air release mechanical dock leveler designed for rolling blackouts. Capacities from 25,000 up to 45,000 lbs.
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Beacon World Class Scissor Dock Lifts are heavy capacity loading dock units.

4) Scissor Dock Lifts

This BWL series electric Hydraulic Scissor Dock Lift is designed to raise heavy materials at loading dock areas. Scissor Dock Lifts comes in moderate-capacity and heavy-capacity varieties. This equipment is available in a variety of raised and lowered heights.
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Beacon World Class Edge of Dock Levelers are available compensate for dock height differences.

5) Edge of Dock Levelers

This product provides a level crossing-point between the truck bed and the dock platform. Edge of Dock Levelers feature either a bar lift, hook lift, or hydraulic double cylinder design.
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Beacon World Class Low Dock Leveler - BMTD series

6) Low Dock Leveler

This BMTD series manual Low Dock Leveler designed for older buildings with low dock applications. Requires 57 to 67 lbs of force to operate. This Low Dock Leveler is to be anchored on top of the dock. Capacities range 20,000 up to 30,000 lbs.
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Beacon World Class Top of Dock Levelers - BHTD series

7) Top of Dock Levelers

BHTD series electric hydraulic Top of Dock Levelers are most often used for loading docks that are below the 48" industry standard dock height. Capacities range from 20,000 up to 30,000 lbs.
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Beacon World Class Dock Plate has capacities up to 30,000 lbs.

8) Dock Plate

These items feature capacities ranging from 500 to 30,000 lbs. Dock Plate is available in steel or aluminum models, depending upon preference.
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Beacon World Class Rail Dock Plate - BRS series

9) Rail Dock Plate

The BRS series manual Rail Dock Plate is available for all variety of railway boxcars, including refrigerated boxcars. Designed on specific information provided by customer. Capacities range 15,000 to 40,000 lbs.
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Beacon World Class Rail Dock Leveler - HSD series

10) Rail Dock Leveler

This HSD series electric hydraulic Rail Dock Leveler push button control is designed for rail car loading and unloading. Install 1, 2 or 3 levelers next to each other for wide platforms. Features horizontal slide deck lip, and two hydraulic cylinders which control the vertical deck movement. Capacities range from 20,000 to 30,000 lbs.
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Beacon World Class Heavy Capacity Dock Leveler is used for heavy duty applications.

11) Heavy Capacity Dock Leveler

This Slide Deck series is a long lasting continious finger or solid deck hydraulic dock leveler. Available as 4 or 6 movement desinged models. The service capacities of the various models range up to 80,000 lbs.
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Beacon World Class Dock Leveler for ISO Shipping Container - FC series

12) Dock Leveler for ISO Shipping Container

These FC series units are available in pit leveler and free-standing models. Dock Levelers for ISO Shipping Container are available with a 44" telescoping deck lip with 20,000 lb capacity.
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